A.   Purpose: The purpose of this section is to provide a method and procedures for the platting of property into lots not involving a "subdivision", as defined in section 14-2-2 of this title.
   B.   Jurisdiction: The provisions of this section shall not be utilized to evade the intent and purpose of the subdivision regulations of this title, but are applicable only to the platting of single lots legally created prior to November 9, 1971, or the consolidation of such lots.
Nothing contained herein shall otherwise permit the subdivision of property under the jurisdiction of this title from being so subdivided except in accordance with the terms of this title. No assessment plat shall be recorded in the office of the recorder of deeds for DuPage County, Illinois, until such assessment plat has been properly reviewed and officially approved by the village president and board of trustees.
   C.   Definitions:
    ASSESSMENT PLAT: A plat of property prepared in accordance with the plat act 1 , which describes property as a single lot other than by a metes and bounds description and as referred to in 35 Illinois Compiled Statutes 205/35, which plat does not involve a "subdivision" as defined in section 14-2-2 of this title.
   LEGALLY CREATED LOT: A lot created pursuant to the provisions of the Illinois plat act or created pursuant to an exception thereto.
   D.   Procedures:
      1.   The owner shall file an application for approval of the assessment plat with the village clerk. Such application shall be accompanied by the original ink tracing on linen or Mylar, eighteen (18) prints of the assessment plat, or such other number as the village clerk may designate by administrative order, and four (4) copies of all required supporting data, drawings and documents.
      2.   Within sixty (60) days from the date the application for approval of the assessment plat and all supporting documents were filed with the village clerk, the village president and board of trustees shall approve such plat provided that it complies with all applicable requirements of the village. Upon approval of an assessment plat, the village clerk shall certify such approval and affix the corporate seal of the village on the assessment plat.
      3.   Upon approval by the village president and board of trustees, the village clerk shall have the plat as approved by the village president and board of trustees recorded and on its return to the village have one Mylar or equal transparency made and deliver a copy of the assessment plat or transparency to the owner. The cost of recording and the transparency shall be paid by the owner.
      4.   On recording, one copy of the recorded plat and one set of supporting data shall be retained in the village clerk's files, two (2) sets retained by the village engineer and one approved set returned to the owner.
   E.   Assessment Plat Requirements: The requirements for an assessment plat shall be the same as those established for a final plat of subdivision as detailed in subsections 14-4-2A through D, inclusive, of this title. In addition to all of the requirements herein contained, the assessment plat shall clearly delineate any dedications or grants of easement to the village as required by the village president and board of trustees including, but not limited to, public bicycle and pedestrian path easements, dedication for roadways, and easements for public utilities and shall depict all other existing easements or dedications.
   F.   Fees: Fees for assessment plats shall be as found in title 1, chapter 14 of this code. (Ord. G-708, 12-10-2002)



1. 765 ILCS 205/0.01 et seq.