(a)   When, in the opinion of the Building Commissioner, a violation of this chapter exists, the Building Commissioner shall issue or cause to be issued or mailed to the owner of such sign, a written notice stating with specificity, the violation therein. Such notice shall order the owner, agent or operator, within a stated reasonable time, but not less than fifteen days, to repair, improve or demolish the sign concerned. Such delivery or mailing shall be deemed legal service of notice. The owner may appeal such notice to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
   (b)   If the person to whom a notice of violation is addressed cannot be found within Cuyahoga County after a reasonable and diligent search, the notice shall be sent by registered mail to the last known address of such person, and warning of the existence of such notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the structure or premises to which the sign relates. No person shall remove or deface such warning notice without written permission of the Building Commissioner. Such mailing and posting shall be deemed legal service of notice.
   (c)   Whenever the owner of a sign fails, neglects or refuses to comply with any notice of the Building Commissioner, the Building Commissioner may issue a notice to such owner, agent, occupant in use of such sign ordering that the sign be demolished and removed within such time as shall be stated in such notice, but which shall be not less than fifteen days, except in cases of emergency, or he may advise the Director of Law of the circumstances and request the Director of Law to institute an appropriate action at law to compel compliance or both. Such notice shall be delivered, mailed or posted in the same manner as provided in Section 1284.24(a) and/or (b).
   (d)   Whenever the owner, agent or operator of a structure fails, neglects or refuses to comply with notice to demolish such sign, or a part thereof, or such sign is determined by Council after referral by the Building Commissioner to constitute a public nuisance in that it is dangerous or injurious to the public health, safety or welfare, Council may request the Law Director to institute legal proceedings or to take such other action as may be necessary to abate the nuisance. The Building Commissioner shall further give notice informing the owner, agent or operator of such determination and action.  Such notice shall be given in the same manner as provided in Section 1284.24(a).
   (e)   The owner or owners of any such sign as to which such an order or notice to repair, improve, or demolish has been issued shall not sell or enter into an agreement to sell or lease such property for a period of one year or longer unless such order of the Building Commissioner has been disclosed and displayed to the prospective purchaser or lessee, satisfactory compliance with such order or notice from the Building Commissioner or such order has been withdrawn or cancelled.
(Ord. 07-103.  Passed 4-1-08.)