(a)   Administrative procedures for administering, interpreting and enforcing this Zoning Code are herein established in order to achieve, among others, the following purposes:
      (1)   To provide for the review of an application for a building permit;
      (2)   To provide for the inclusion of necessary facilities, services and other uncommon uses through conditional use permits;
      (3)   To provide the inclusion of uses which are uncommon but which have characteristics similar to permitted main uses;
      (4)   To assure that no work shall be started on the relocation, construction, reconstruction or structural alteration of a building until the proposed building or use is found to comply with all the provisions of this Zoning Code;
      (5)   To assure that in the construction of new buildings, alterations or changes of use are complete, and that all required provisions have been complied with, by requiring a certificate of occupancy;
      (6)   To provide for the enforcement of this Zoning Code and to keep records of actions in regard to such enforcement; and
      (7)   To provide supplementary administrative procedures in conformity with the objectives of the North Royalton Master Plan and this Zoning Code.
   (b)   In administering this Zoning Code, the provisions thereof shall be regarded as establishing minimum requirements and shall be used specifically to further the underlying purposes, objectives and intent set forth in each chapter.
   (c)   The relationship of this Zoning Code to other laws, rules and regulations, and the relationship if two or more specific provisions of this Zoning Code apply to the same subject, are set forth in Sections 1260.03 and 1260.04.
(Ord. 1970-232.  Passed 9-15-71.)