1244.01 INTENT.
   Procedures are herein established for achieving efficiency and uniformity in the administration of these Regulations, including:
   (a)   Procedures whereby a developer may obtain information, plan land developments, make application for review, record plats and construct land improvements;
   (b)   Procedures whereby the Planning Commission may review, study, make recommendations concerning, and approve, plans and plats and otherwise administer these Regulations; and
   (c)   Procedures for planning and developing land consistent with procedures for planned unit developments as set forth in the Zoning Code in accordance with the objectives of the Master Plan.
   In addition, the intent of this Chapter is to ensure that the proper information is included in the preparation of sketch plans and preliminary and final plats of subdivision for submission to the Planning Commission, Council and the City Engineer for their review and approval.
(Ord. 1970-232. Passed 9-15-71; Ord. 98-114. Passed 9-1-98.)