(a)   No person shall, except as provided in subsection (b) hereof, obstruct, impede, divert, enclose or vary the location, direction, size or capacity of any drain, ditch, drainage ditch, culvert, sewer, natural watercourse or other watercourse, depression or conduit for the drainage of water, situated within the Municipality. The Building Commissioner shall require anyone requesting a building permit to sign a covenant to comply with this section.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to keep such ditch, culvert, sewer, natural watercourse or other watercourse free of all debris, vegetation, etc. so as not to impede the drainage of water.
   (b)   No person shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this section if such person acts pursuant to any permit expressly authorizing such action and issued by a duly authorized official of the Municipality, or acts pursuant to plans, specifications and profiles approved by the City Engineer in compliance with Section 1022.06(a) and (b).
   (c)   The Building Commissioner, upon the advice of the City Engineer, shall serve upon any person who has committed any act prohibited by subsection (a) hereof a notice that such person has violated the provisions of this section, which notice shall set forth in detail the manner of the violation. Such notice shall be sufficiently served if it is mailed by certified mail to the usual place of residence or the usual place of business of the offender or, if a corporation, to its usual place of business. The offender shall be allowed ten days from the day on which the notice is placed in the mail to take all necessary measures to cease the violation and in all respects to restore circumstances as they existed prior to the violation.
(Ord. 2606. Passed 4-15-59; Ord. 1984-184. Passed 2-6-85; Ord. 05-56.  Passed 5-4-05.)