(a)   No person shall install or reinstall ditch tiles on individual parcels of land within the Municipality without first obtaining the appropriate permits, instructions and approval from the City Engineer.
   (b)   The installation of ditch tiles or pipes shall be located in line with the existing ditch or the authorized roadway cross-section.
   (c)   All drainpipes shall have vertical riser pipes with an acceptable grating spaced a maximum of fifty feet along the line.
   (d)   Upon the filing of an application for the installation of ditch tiles or pipes, a fee as set forth in Chapter 214 of the Administration Code shall be paid to the Building Commissioner.
   (e)   The size, location, slope and pipe material shall be approved by the City Engineer prior to any installation.
   (f)   The installation of temporary ditch tiles or pipes does not relieve the abutting property owners of the financial liability of being assessed for a complete storm sewerage system that may be installed at a future date.
   (g)   This section does not apply in any way to requirements and ordinances regarding driveway culvert pipes.
(Ord. 1970-107. Passed 5-6-70; Ord. 05-56.  Passed 5-4-05.)