(A)   The elective officers of the city, elected in accordance with the provisions of the state election laws, shall be:
      (1)   The Mayor;
      (2)   The Clerk;
      (3)   The members of the Common Council; and
      (4)   The City Judge.
   (B)   The Mayor shall appoint:
      (1)   A City Civil Engineer;
      (2)   Corporation Counsel;
      (3)   A Chief of the Fire Department;
      (4)   A Chief of the Police Department;
      (5)   A Controller; and
      (6)   Other officers, employees, boards, and commissions required by statute.
   (C)   The members of the Board of Public Works and Safety may be the Mayor and four persons appointed by the Mayor or five persons appointed by the Mayor. I.C. 36-4-4-2 notwithstanding, a member may hold other appointive or elective positions in city government during the member's tenure. I.C. 36-4-11-2 applies to board member appointments under this section. The City Clerk is the Clerk of the Board.
(I.C. 36-4-9-6)  (‘61 Code, § 3.1) (Am. Ord. 35-04-16, passed 4-26-16; Am. Ord. 53-12-18, passed 12-18-18; Am. Ord. 07-02-20, 3-10-20)