(A)   A vacancy in a city office (other than judge of a city court) that was last held by a person elected or selected as a candidate of a major political party of the state shall be filled by a caucus under I.C. 3-13-11.  (I.C. 3-13-8-1)
   (B)   A vacancy in the office of Mayor not covered by I.C. 3-13-8-1 shall be filled Clerk, and the Common Council pursuant to state statute. (See I.C. 3-13-8-5; 3-13-8-6, 3-13-8-7)
   (C)   A person filling a vacancy under this section must give the same bond and take the same oath and has the same rights and duties as the official who vacated the office.  (IC 3-13-8-12)
   (D)   A person selected to fill a vacant office under this section holds the office for the remainder of the term.  (IC 3-13-8-13)
(Am. Ord. 53-12-18, passed 12-18-18)