(A)   The Clerk-Treasurer will obtain a credit card to be used for purchases by each Department in the City of Noblesville. There will be a separate account number issued for each department. The credit card application shall be signed by the Mayor and the Clerk-Treasurer. The amount of the credit limit will be determined by the Mayor and the Clerk-Treasurer. The amounts cannot be increased without approval of the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer.
   (B)   The credit cards for each department will be kept in each department by the Director of that department. The Mayor will be provided with a credit card that may be carried by him or her at all times. Upon request by the employee, the credit card will be signed out to the employee with approval by his or her supervisor/Director. A record showing the date of issuance and the date of return and the purpose of use will be maintained by the department with a copy going to the Clerk-Treasurer’s office.
   (C)   The credit card and detailed receipts will be returned to the department within 72 hours of the purchase. If the employee is attending a school that extends over a billing cycle, the employee will make arrangements to get the receipts to the department Director for payment.
   (D)   All credit card billing statements shall be sent by the issuer to the department. The charges of the cards shall be paid by the Clerk-Treasurer from the appropriate budget line item pursuant to the claims procedures of the city.
   (E)   The Clerk-Treasurer shall pay the charge cards promptly so that no interest carrying charges of penalties will be incurred due to late payments. Any employee who causes interest or carrying charges to be added to the credit card account by a failure to timely provide the required information to the Clerk-Treasurer shall be personally liable for the interest or carrying charge. Any employee who fails to provide a receipt for the purchase shall be personally liable for the purchase.
   (F)   No credit card issued by the city for any department or employee shall be used by any person for private/personal purchases.
   (G)   Any violations of the city issued credit will result in disciplinary action, up to and including discharge pursuant to the city’s personnel policy.
(Ord. 31-7-96, passed 7-22-96; Am. Ord. 54-11-09, passed 2-23-10)