A.   The Director shall render a written decision on the request for reasonable accommodation within thirty (30) days of receipt. The written decision on the request for reasonable accommodation shall explain in detail the basis of the decision, including the Director’s findings on the criteria set forth herein. The written decision shall give notice of the applicant’s right to appeal and to request reasonable accommodation in the appeals process as set forth below. The notice of decision shall be sent to the applicant by certified mail.
   B.   The written decision of the Director shall be deemed final unless an applicant appeals the decision to the Board of Adjustment within the prescribed time period.
   C.   In the event the Director fails to render a written decision within the prescribed period of time, the request shall be advanced to the City Manager for final determination, who shall make such written determination within ten (10) days thereof. In the event that a written determination is not issued within forty (40) days of the request it shall be automatically be deemed as granted.
   D.   While a request for reasonable accommodation is pending, all laws and regulations otherwise applicable to the property that is the subject of the request shall remain in full force and effect.
   E.   The Director shall be required to maintain records of requests for reasonable accommodation or modification and the response thereto, including final written decisions.
(Am. Ord. O-2017-003, passed 1-23-2017)