A.   Forms for requesting reasonable accommodation shall be available in the Code Enforcement Department.
   B.   An application for reasonable accommodation may be made by: any handicapped individual or his or her representative; the owner of the real property intended for use as a group home for handicapped individuals; or, the owner/operator of an entity providing residential services at the location.
   C.   Requests for reasonable accommodation shall be in writing and provide the following information:
      1.   Name, address, and phone number of the applicant requesting reasonable accommodation;
      2.   Name, address, and phone number of the house manager who is responsible for the day to day operation of the facility, if any;
      3.   Address of the property for which accommodation is requested;
      4.   Name, address, and phone number of the property owner(s) if not the applicant;
      5.   If the operator is not the property owner, then a copy of any lease agreement between applicant and owner must be provided as well as written approval from the property owner to operate a group home at the property location;
      6.   Detailed description of the requested accommodation with reference to any known regulation, policy or procedure from which relief is sought;
      7.   Reason that the requested accommodation may be necessary for the handicapped individual(s) to use the dwelling;
      8.   Copy of the group home rules and regulations including intake procedures and relapse policy;
      9.   Blank copy of all forms that residents or potential residents are required to complete;
      10.   An affirmation by the applicant or owner/operator that only handicapped residents shall reside at the group home; and
      11.   Copy of any agreement between applicant or owner/operator and the property owner setting forth or concerning any fee arrangement or financial reimbursement applicable to each resident of the group home.
   D.   The applicant or owner/operator shall be responsible for filing with the city within thirty (30) days, any updates or changes to policies, procedures, ownership, or operating entity.
   E.   Any information obtained shall be considered confidential, shall be retained in a manner so as to respect the privacy rights of the applicant and shall not be made available for public inspection unless otherwise required by law.
   F.   A request for reasonable accommodation to the regulations, policies, practices and procedures may be filed at any time that the accommodation may be necessary to ensure equal access to housing. A reasonable accommodation shall not affect an individual’s obligations to comply with other applicable regulations not at issue in the requested accommodation.
   G.   If an applicant needs assistance in making the request for reasonable accommodation, it shall be provided to ensure that the process is properly undertaken.
   H.   An applicant may seek relief from the strict application of the provisions of this article by submitting such request in writing to the Code Enforcement Director (hereafter “Director”) setting forth specific reasons as to why accommodation over and above the provisions set forth herein is necessary.
   I.   No application fee shall be charged.
(Am. Ord. O-2017-003, passed 1-23-2017)