Temporary signs for the advertisement of special events shall be permitted within the City of Newport, subject to the provisions of this Section and all other applicable City and State laws, ordinances, and regulations.
A.  DEFINITION:  A special event is defined as an occurrence sponsored by a business or other organization (whether non-profit or for profit) for a specific purpose.  Such an event is typified by, but not limited to, grand openings; going-out-of-business sales; sales; fund raising drives; religious, charitable, educational, or political festivals, meetings or rallies; carnivals or circuses; and other events incidental to the operation of a business or organization.
B.  TYPES OF SIGNS PERMITTED:  A person, business, or organization shall be permitted to erect one of the following signs for each special event:
      1.  Mobile Sign -- A mobile ground sign may be used.  The maximum size for such a sign shall be  4' X 8', exclusive of the sign frame and wheel assembly.  Such sign may be Illuminated from a concealed light source and may be single - or  double-faced.  A mobile sign may not be flashing or animated and may not display exposed light bulbs or neon tubing.
      2.  Ground Sign -- A ground sign, either single- or double-faced, may be permitted.  The maximum size of such a sign shall be 32 square feet in single-face.  A ground sign may be illuminated from a concealed light source, but may not be flashing or animated.
      3.  Banner -- A banner may be permitted, up to the size of 3' X 25'.  Such banner shall be mounted flat on a wall surface and may not extend above the roofline of a building.  A banner shall not be illuminated.
OTHER LIMITATIONS:  All signs must be located only on the premises where the special event is to occur.  They may not be placed within the public right-of-way, nor attached to trees, utility poles, or other structures within the right-of-way.  Signs may not be placed on sidewalks or other public ways.
C.  PERMIT REQUIRED:  Prior to the erection of a special event sign, a permit shall be obtained from the Zoning Administrator.  A person, business, or other organization may obtain one special event sign per calendar, quarter, for a total of four permits annually.
A drawing of the proposed sign shall be submitted with the permit application, along with a fee of $5.00.  Once issued, a permit is valid for a period of fourteen calendar days.  Upon expiration of the permit, the applicant shall remove the special event sign within twenty-four hours.
D.  PENALTIES:  Any person, business, or organization that violates the provisions of this section shall be subject to penalties as provided in Article XVI of the Zoning Ordinance.  Furthermore, any person, business, or organization that fails to remove the temporary sign at the expiration of the 14-day period, as required in this section, shall not be allowed to install any additional special event signs, as regulated by this section, for a period of one year.