No sign shall be erected, except as exempted or specified within this Ordinance, until all required fees have been paid to the proper authorities or their agents and a permit has been issued for such by the Building Department.
      1.   If any sign is removed and any new sign is erected in its place, a permit shall be obtained the same as if a new sign were erected at a new location subject to all
         requirements enumerated herein.
      2.   If any sign is removed for maintenance and replaced on the same supports, a new permit will not be deemed necessary if the size or type of sign is not changed.
      3.   If any sign is removed from one location and erected at a new location, a new permit shall be obtained.
      4.   Alteration or enlargement of any sign shall require a permit the same as for a new sign.
      5.   No permit shall be granted until after an application has been filed with the Building Inspector showing the plans and specifications, including dimensions, materials, and details of construction of proposed structure not until all provisions herein have been met.