General Provisions
   111.01   Definitions
   111.02   Incorporation of statutory provisions
   111.03   Hours and days of operation
   111.04   Temporary suspension of sale
   111.05   Registration; photographing and fingerprinting of employees
   111.06   Removal of alcoholic beverages from licensed premises
   111.07   Foreign state officers restriction
   111.08   Consumption of alcoholic beverages by employees
   111.09   Floor plan required to be filed
   111.10   Retail premises to furnish clear view
   111.11   Inspection of premises
   111.12   Doors to remain closed
   111.13   Possession of alcoholic beverages in open containers
   111.14   Ancillary sale prohibited
Types of Licenses
   111.25   Requirement
   111.26   Business authorized by malt beverage licenses
   111.27   Businesses authorized by distilled spirit and wine licenses
   111.28   Reserved
   111.29   Business authorized by supplemental bar licenses
   111.30   Business authorized by special temporary licenses
   111.31   Business authorized by caterer’s license
   111.32   Reserved
   111.33   Reserved
   111.34   Reserved
   111.35   Limited special outdoor events
Licensing Procedure
   111.50   Application; original license; renewal and dormant licenses
   111.51   Fees
   111.52   Imposition of regulatory license fee
   111.53   Proration
   111.54   Investigation and issuance
   111.55   Denial to delinquent taxpayers
   111.56   Transfers and name changes; fees
   111.57   Duplicates
   111.58   Extended hours license
   111.99   Penalty