Parking Generally
73.01   Police may remove illegally parked vehicle
73.02   Registered owner prima-facie liable for unlawful parking
73.03   Prohibited standing or parking places
73.04   Parking near curb; privileges for handicapped
73.05   Manner of angle parking
73.06   Selling, washing, or repairing vehicle upon roadway
73.07   Unattended vehicle:  duty to stop engine, remove key, set brake and turn wheels
73.08   Opening vehicle door on traffic side
73.09   Truck loading zones
73.10   Bus stops and taxicab stands
73.11   Parking in alleys and narrow streets; exceptions
73.12   Prohibition against parking on streets or highways
73.13   Parking of oversize vehicles
73.14   Parking of unused motor vehicles
73.15   Removal of vehicles from streets during periods of emergency
Parking Meters
73.30   Definitions
73.31   Parking within marked lines of meter space
73.32   Deposit of coin required; illegal parking
73.33   Parking prohibited in meter space
   Parking schedules, see Ch. 77, Schedules II and III