Operation Generally
72.01   Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions
72.02   Passing to right when proceeding in opposite directions
72.03   Overtaking, passing to left; driver's duties
72.04   Overtaking and passing on right
72.05   Overtaking, passing to left of center
72.06   Additional restrictions on driving on left side of roadway
72.07   Hazardous or no passing zones
72.08   Driving in marked lanes or continuous lines of traffic
72.09   Following too closely
72.10   Turning at intersections
72.11   Turning into private driveway, alley, or building
72.12   “U” turns restricted
72.13   Starting and backing vehicles
72.14   Signals before changing course, turning, or stopping
72.15   Hand and arm signals
72.16   Right-of-way at intersections
72.17   Right-of-way when turning left
72.18   Operation of vehicle at yield signs
72.19   Operation of vehicle at stop signs
72.20   Emergency or public safety vehicles at stop signals or signs
72.21   Right-of-way of public safety vehicle
72.22   Driving onto roadway from place other than roadway; duty to yield
72.23   Driving onto roadway from place other than roadway; stopping at sidewalk
72.24   Right-of-way of funeral procession
72.25   Driving across grade crossing
72.26   Stopping at grade crossing
72.27   Driver's view and control to be unobstructed by load or persons
72.28   Driving on street posted as closed for repair
72.29   Following and parking near emergency or safety vehicles
72.30   Driving over fire hose
72.31   Driving through safety zone
72.32   One-way streets and rotary traffic islands
72.33   Driving on divided roadways
72.34   Entering and exiting controlled-access highway
72.35   Obstructing intersection, crosswalk, or grade crossing
72.36   Squealing tires, “peeling,” cracking exhaust noises
72.37   Driving on sidewalk area or paths exclusively for bicycles
72.38   Stopping for school bus; discharging children
72.39   Occupying a moving travel or house trailer
72.40   Prohibition against depositing litter from motor vehicle
72.41   Commercial drivers; driving or permitting driving while fatigued or ill prohibited
72.42   Engine braking prohibited
72.43   Texting while driving prohibited
72.44   Use of electronic wireless communication devices by minors or probationary drivers while driving prohibited
Intoxication; Reckless Operation; Speed
72.55   Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
72.56   Implied consent
72.561   Physical control of vehicle while under the influence
72.57   Operation of vehicle in willful or wanton disregard; failure to maintain reasonable control
72.58   Failure to control; weaving course; full time and attention
72.59   Assured clear distance; maximum speed limits; speed zones
72.60   Slow speed; posted minimum speeds
72.61   Speed limitations over bridges
72.62   Speed exceptions for emergency or safety vehicles
72.63   Street racing defined; prohibited on public highways
72.64   Immobilizing or disabling device violation
72.65   Operation restricted for mini-trucks and low-speed, under-speed, or utility vehicles
72.75   Failure to stop after accident
72.76   Stopping after accident on other than public roads or highways
72.77   Vehicle accident resulting in damage to realty
72.78   Names of persons damaging real property by operation of vehicle to be provided to owner
   Operation of motor vehicles, personnel regulations, see § 35.104