§ 50.04  RATES.
   (A)   (1)   Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, and for the agreement period of August 1, 2007 through August 31, 2010, each householder within the municipality shall pay the rate of $12.97 per month for collection and disposal of residential garbage and recycling for a single dwelling unit, household, single residence unit, or buildings having four or less dwelling units.
      (2)   Each residential building having more than four dwelling units shall pay the following rates per month for collection and disposal of residential garbage, recycling, and yard waste through the use of a containerized unit:
2 yards
3 yards
4 yards
6 yards
8 yards
      (3)   A charge of $2.75 per month per customer shall be charged for a mobile 90 – 100 gallon  toter system if required.
      (4)   It will be the responsibility of the owner or manager of each residential building described herein to notify the Director of Finance and Records of the containerized unit size and frequency of collection. Failure to notify will result in the maximum charges being assessed.
      (5)   All residential rates outlined above are to be in effect for the entire period of the agreement.
   (B)   If a householder intends to be absent from his or her residence for a minimum of four weeks equal to or less than 16 weeks, he or she shall so notify the hauler. No charge shall be made by the hauler for noncollection of such a household during the period of absence. One such request by a householder may be made each calendar year.
   (C)   The municipality authorizes the hauler to contract on an individual basis with each commercial unit and with the New Lebanon schools for the collection of commercial garbage, provided a license has been properly issued, pursuant to § 50.03 above.
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