114.01   Definitions
   114.02   Compliance required
   114.03   Applications for permits
   114.04   Filing bond and information with application
   114.05   Issuance of permits; fees
   114.06   Duration of permits
   114.07   Renewal permits and licenses
   114.08   Door requirements for vehicles
   114.09   Insurance or guaranty bond requirements
   114.10   Number plates
   114.11   Permits not transferable
   114.12   Records to be kept by Common Council
   114.13   Revocation of permits
   114.14   Vehicles to be owned and operated in name of permit holder
   114.15   Identification of vehicles
   114.16   Drivers employed by permit holders
   114.17   State chauffeur’s license required
   114.18   Record of trips
   114.19   Adequate service and facilities required
   114.20   Appeal from orders of Common Council
   114.99   Penalty