EDITOR'S NOTE: Resolution 93-05R, passed June 7, 1993, established an Inter-Jurisdictional Ground Water Advisory Committee (I.G.W.A.C.), consisting of members drawn from the City administration, Council, the Board of Health and the community at large. The purpose of the Committee is to recommend safeguards for present and future water supply quality and quantity by gathering and exchanging information relating to reasonable land and water use practices, to protect the ground water from degradation, to foster inter- jurisdictional cooperation and to promote public awareness of ground water resources and safeguards.
1040.01   Application of chapter.
1040.02   Quality or service not guaranteed.
1040.03   Shut-offs without notice.
1040.04   Right of entry; inspections; entry refusal charge.
1040.05   Request for service.
1040.06   Connection required; alternate supply systems.
1040.07   Water main construction plans and procedure.
1040.08   Pipes and fittings.
1040.09   Excavation and pipe laying.
1040.10   Backfilling.
1040.11   Testing, cleansing and chlorination.
1040.12   Valves.
1040.13   Valve boxes.
1040.14   Fire hydrants.
1040.15   Meters.
1040.16   Rates generally; billing; consumer responsibility for leaks.
1040.17   Connection permits.
1040.18   Connection charges.
1040.19   Taps and installations; line size requirements.
1040.195   Oversizing water and sewer lines for future development.
1040.20   Effective date of charges.
1040.21   Abandoned connections.
1040.22   Charges for connections outside the Municipality.
1040.23   Fire protection service.
1040.24   Miscellaneous service connection requirements.
1040.25   Extensions.
1040.26   Backflow prevention devices.
1040.27   Cross-connection control.
1040.99   Penalty.
   Water pollution - see Ohio R.C. 715.08, 743.24 et seq.; GEN. OFF. 660.04
   Compulsory water connections - see Ohio R.C. 729.06, 743.23
   Management and control of waterworks - see Ohio R.C. 743.26 et seq.
   Prosecutions for theft of utilities - see GEN. OFF. 642.26 
   Sewer use regulations - see S.U. & P.S. 1043.03 et seq.
   Water rate structure - see S.U. & P.S. Ch. 1041 
   Private water systems - see P. & Z. 1224.06(c)(2)
   Subdivision regulations - see P. & Z. Ch. 1228 et seq.
   Water in mobile home parks - see P. & Z. 1288.03(j)(1),(2)
   Utilities in flood hazard areas - see P. & Z. 1294.16(c)