(a)   As used in this chapter, “Elected Officials” means all separately elected officials as established by the Charter of the City, including the duly elected occupant of all of the following listed positions and including any persons appointed to fill a vacancy in any such position:
      (1)   Mayor;
      (2)   Director of Law;
      (3)   Auditor;
      (4)   Treasurer;
      (5)   President of Council;
      (6)   At-Large Council Members; and
      (7)   Ward Council Members.
   (b)   As used in this chapter, “Appointed Officials” means all of the following listed appointed Directors or Department Heads:
      (1)   Clerk of Council;
      (2)   Traffic Control Superintendent;
      (3)   Engineer;
      (4)   Utilities Superintendent;
      (5)   Streets Superintendent;
      (6)   Parks and Recreation/ Cemetery Superintendent;
      (7)   Director of Public Safety;
      (8)   Director of Public Service;
      (9)   Director of Human Resources; and
      (10)   Director of Economic/Community Development.
   (c)   The requirements of this chapter shall not be applicable to any elected or appointed official as described herein otherwise required by law, regulation, or licensure to attend ethics training as a condition of their employment, professional standing, or licensure.
(Ord. 15-31A.  Passed 12-21-15.)