If, after passage by City Council of a Resolution of Intent to vacate a street or alley upon petition within the municipal corporation and prior to a public hearing on such petition, it becomes necessary to publish notice of the pendency of such petition in a newspaper of general circulation pursuant to Ohio R.C. 723.07, the person or persons seeking to vacate or narrow the street or alley as evidenced by their having signed and submitted a petition to so vacate or narrow such street or alley shall deposit with the Clerk of Council a sum of money deemed sufficient by the Clerk of Council to pay the cost of the required publication in a newspaper of general circulation prior to the publication of any required notice. No action shall be taken by the Clerk of Council to ensure notice by publication unless and until the designated sum has been deposited with the Clerk of Council. All sums received hereunder shall then be delivered to the Treasurer for deposit into the General Fund of the City to offset the cost of such publication.
(Ord. 09-45.  Passed 10-19-09.)