All solid waste enterprises shall comply with the following requirements:
   (a)   (1)   No person shall conduct, carry out or pursue the operation of a solid waste enterprise other than between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. on Monday through Saturday, excluding Christmas, New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Thanksgiving Day. This prohibition shall not apply to clerical, bookkeeping and other administrative operations of a solid waste enterprise which do not involve the actual collection, storage, transportation and disposal of solid waste or the operation of collection vehicles upon the public streets, alleys and ways.
      (2)   A solid waste enterprise wishing to conduct, carry out, or pursue commercial waste pickup or collection activities at a commercial location in the Downtown District as designated on the zoning map of the City and as defined in Section 1238.02 hereof may request an exemption from the time restrictions established herein by submitting such request in writing to the Director of Public Service setting forth the need for such exemption and the intended times and days for commercial solid waste pickup and collection at the designated commercial site in the Downtown District.  the Director of Public Service may grant an exemption from the time restrictions contained herein and may impose such additional restrictions upon such operations as deemed appropriate and necessary. Under no circumstance may such an exemption be granted in any zoning district other than the Downtown District.
   (b)   All solid waste enterprise facilities, including parking and storage areas, shall be kept clean and free of litter. Containers and vehicles used to transport solid waste shall be cleaned regularly to ensure that they do not unnecessarily attract insects and vermin and that they do not emit noxious odors.
   (c)   Access to the facilities of a solid waste enterprise shall be limited to only those times when operational employees are on duty.
   (d)   Scavenging at a solid waste enterprise facility is strictly prohibited.
   (e)   No solid waste shall remain in a container or vehicle used for transporting such solid waste or in any other facility of a solid waste enterprise for more than 24 hours. If solid waste cannot, under extraordinary circumstances, be removed from a container, vehicle or solid waste enterprise facility at the end of any working day, the solid waste shall be stored in a leakproof, insectproof and rodentproof structure, bin or container.
   (f)   All necessary operations of a solid waste enterprise shall be carried out promptly and in a systematic manner so that conditions shall remain unfavorable for the harborage and production of insects and rodents. Supplemental effective vector controls shall be initiated immediately by the operator of any solid waste enterprise when such controls are deemed necessary by the Health Commissioner of the City Health District or the Director of Public Service, in addition to routine preventative control measures.
   (g)   All employees of a solid waste enterprise shall receive initial and periodic safety and procedural training to prevent accidents. All hazardous machinery shall be equipped with appropriate safety devices.
   (h)   No vehicle that is used for the purpose of hauling or otherwise transporting solid waste in furtherance of, incident to or for the purpose of conducting a solid waste enterprise shall be parked and left unattended within an R-S, R-1, R-2, R-3 or PUD District, as provided in the Zoning Code.
   (i)   No solid waste enterprise shall, under any condition, accept solid waste which is burning, or is at a temperature likely to cause fire to the waste itself or to adjacent waste materials, or is of a highly flammable, explosive or otherwise hazardous nature.
   (j)   Every solid waste enterprise shall be operated under close supervision by responsible individuals who are thoroughly trained and familiar with the requirements and the operational procedures of the solid waste enterprise.
(Ord. 82-63.  Passed 6-7-82; Ord. 14-20-A.  Passed 8-4-14; Ord. 16-40.  Passed 9-19-16.)