(a)   Council hereby adopts by reference the City of Newark, Ohio Property Maintenance Code, a copy of which is attached to Ordinance 07-3 and marked Exhibit “A”.  The Property Maintenance Code is made a part of this chapter as if set forth in full herein.  Council amends the Property Maintenance Code as reflected in Exhibit "A", attached to Ordinance No. 08-17, passed June 16, 2008.
   (b)   Council further designates and delegates the duty of management and enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code to the Director of Public Safety and the Property Maintenance Coordinator as set forth in the Property Maintenance Code.
   (c)   Council hereby creates the Property Maintenance Review Committee that shall consist of five members to be appointed by the Mayor which shall conduct public meetings to provide all property owners the opportunity for an independent review of decisions of the Property Maintenance Coordinator if so desired as set forth within the Property Maintenance Code.
(Ord. 07-3. Passed 1-16-07; Ord. 08-17. Passed 6-16-08.)