If the Chief of the Fire Division, upon examination or inspection, finds a building or other structure which, for want of proper repair, defective or poorly installed electrical wiring or equipment, defective chimneys, defective gas connections, defective heating apparatus or storage or accumulation therein of rubbish or material, constitutes an extra-hazardous fire condition, he may order all dangerous conditions remedied and all rubbish and extra-hazardous conditions removed. If such officer finds in any building or upon any premises any combustible or explosive material, rubbish, rags, waste, oils, gasoline or flammable conditions of any kind, dangerous to the safety of such building or premises, he shall order such materials to be removed. Such order shall be made against and served personally or by registered letter upon the owner, lessee, agent or occupant of such building or premises. No such owner, lessee, agent or occupant shall fail to comply with such order within the time fixed in such order.
(1969 Code Sec. 92.26)