(a)   Signs, which are abandoned, no longer functional, or which are located where no products are being sold, no service is being provided, or no legitimate business activity is being conducted, shall be removed by the tenant, permittee, or owner of the premises.  Where a sign is painted directly on the wall of a building, it is acceptable to paint over the sign.
   (b)   Compliance with these provisions shall be completed within fourteen days after written notice from the Zoning Inspector or within thirty days of the cessation of the business, whichever comes first.  Upon failure to comply with such notice, the Zoning Inspector is authorized to remove such sign.  The owner of the property shall pay any expense incurred in the removal of the sign.  If the owner fails to make payment of the amount due, the Zoning Inspector may certify such amount to City Council who may, by resolution, certify the amount due to the County Auditor to secure a lien upon the property.  Personal service upon the tenant, an employee, the pemittee or owner shall be sufficient to satisfy the notification requirements of this chapter.
(Ord. 08-33.  Passed 5-4-09.)