Fences, walls and similar structures may be located in required yards as follows:
   (a)   Any Yard.  Not exceeding four feet above the adjacent ground.
   (b)   Side and Rear Yard.  Not exceeding six feet above the adjacent ground for any fencing or solid visual screening and not more than eight feet above the adjacent ground to the top of a decorative feature (lattice, trellis, etc.). Fences shall be setback a minimum of five feet from any lot line adjoining an alley along the rear of the lot, and five feet from any lot line adjoining an alley along the side of the lot, but not within ten feet of the intersection of the property lines along the side and rear alleys.
   (c)   Corner Lot.  Installation of a fence, wall, or similar structure shall comply with Section 1240.11 .  For purposes of this section, a lot on the corner of any two public rights-of-way with vehicular traffic shall be considered a corner lot.
   (d)   Barbed Wire Fences.  Fences, walls and similar structures having wire, metal prongs, spikes or cutting points or edges of any kind whatsoever, shall be prohibited.
   (e)   Electric Fences.  Fences charged with electricity shall be prohibited.
      (Ord. 08-33.  Passed 5-4-09; Ord. 17-04.  Passed 4-17-17.)