(a)   General.
      (1)   There shall be no more than two accessory structures per lot.
      (2)   No accessory structure may be erected or constructed prior to the erection or construction of the principal or main building.
      (3)   No accessory structure shall be located in any yard or court except the rear yard or as provided in subsection (d) hereof.
      (4)   Setback distances shall be measured to the wall or supporting elements of a structure with the limitation of a twelve inch maximum projection of items including, but not limited to, overhangs.  Gutters connected to the fascia board may project an additional six inches.
   (b)   Lot Area and Setbacks.
      (1)   No accessory structure or combination of structures shall occupy more than thirty-five percent of the rear yard.
      (2)   Accessory structures shall be a minimum of three feet from any lot line of an adjoining lot, five feet from any lot line adjoining an alley along the rear of the lot, and five feet from any lot line adjoining an alley along the side of the lot, but not within ten feet of the intersection of the property lines along the side and rear alleys.
   (c)   Corner Lots.  In the case of a corner lot the accessory structure shall be set back from the lot line adjoining the side street a distance equal to the front yard setback of the district plus five feet but in no case less than twenty-five feet.
   (d)   Steep Slopes – Front Yard Garage.  In any R-District where the natural grade of a lot within the front yard has a slope of such a degree that it is not practicable to provide a driveway to a private garage, such garage may be located within the front yard when authorized by the Board in accordance with Chapter 1234 .
(Ord. 08-33.  Passed 5-4-09; Ord. 17-04.  Passed 4-17-17.)