(a)   The gross floor area devoted to business use in this district shall not exceed 2,400 square feet. A basement used exclusively as a mechanical space or an abandoned upper floor level is not a part of the gross floor area.
   (b)   The combined square footage of the footprint of all buildings and structures on a given lot shall not be more than fifty percent of the lot area, exclusive of any lot area in the floodway.
   (c)   New construction, including additions, shall be reviewed by the City Engineer for compliance with the City's current Development Regulations. The items to be considered in determining compliance include, but are not limited to, the following: roadway improvements, access management, traffic congestion prevention, storm water management, floodplain management, public utility connections, FAA requirements and landscaping requirements.
   (d)   All uses in this district shall comply with the applicable requirements of Chapter 1296.
   (e)   There shall not be more than one principal building per lot.
   (f)   Existing residential structures being used as a business may be returned to residential use.
   (g)   There shall be no drive thru business conducted in this district.
   (h)   There shall be no outside storage located in this district.
(Ord. 08-33. Passed 5-4-09.)