1244.04  PROCEDURE.
   (a)   A property owner seeking a land use permitted by the cumulative nature of the 1971 Code but denied that use by this Code shall apply to the Code Administrator for a hearing to revise their zoning district.
   (b)   Within thirty days after such application, the Board of Revision shall meet with the applicant.  If four members of the Board of Revision agree with the applicant's request, the Board of Revision shall so recommend the revision to Planning Commission.
   (c)   Upon the affirming vote of Planning Commission, the applicant's zoning district will be revised and the Official Map changed.
   (d)   If the Board of Revision does not approve the applicant's request, the applicant may file for a rezoning per Chapter 1236.
(Ord. 08-33.  Passed 5-4-09.)