(a)   Natural Land Use. Subdivisions should be planned to take advantage of the topography of the land, to economize in the construction of drainage facilities, to reduce the amount of grading and to minimize destruction of trees and topsoil.
   (b)   Flooding Areas. In order to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the people, the Planning Commission may reject a proposed subdivision located in an area subject to periodic flooding. Whenever a subdivision is proposed to be located in an area having poor drainage or other adverse physical characteristics and impairment, the Commission may approve the plat, provided that the developer binds himself or herself legally to make such improvements as, in the judgment of the Commission, will render the subdivision substantially safe and otherwise acceptable for the intended use. In such case, the developer shall post with the Commission a surety, acceptable to the Commission, sufficient to cover the cost of such improvements as estimated by the officials having jurisdiction.
   (c)   Conformity to Master Plan. The subdivision layout shall conform to the City's "Thoroughfare and Green Space." Whenever a tract to be subdivided embraces any part of a highway, thoroughfare, parkway or other major arterial, minor arterial or collector street so designated on such Plan, such part of such public way shall be platted by the developer.
(Ord. 93-62. Passed 10-3-94.)