(a)   It shall be the duty of the Director of Public Service to establish schedules of fees for plans, specifications, printing, construction inspection, design engineering and other engineering services performed by the Division of Engineering, which shall be as close as is practical to the actual payroll and overhead costs thereof. Such schedules may be changed or amended from time to time as the Director may find necessary to make the schedules conform to such costs.
   (b)   The City Engineer, or his or her representative, is hereby authorized and directed to collect such fees and deposit them with the City Treasurer to the credit of the General Fund.
   (c)   For inspections of private projects outside the City Government, the City Engineer is hereby given the prerogative to authorize the commencement of a project by a private contractor, with charges determined and charged after the completion of such project or at an earlier period of time. When a developer or contractor has no record of service with the City or other unusual circumstances exist, the City Engineer may estimate the inspection charges and require payment of 110 percent of that total be paid to the City prior to the commencement of any work.
   (d)   As the actual inspection charges are being paid. and accrued, the City Engineer shall, from time to time, re-estimate the inspection charges for the project so that a deposit of money in the amount of ten percent over the actual estimated costs shall be on deposit in the General Fund. However, at the discretion of the City Engineer, such charges may be made, instead, during and/or at the completion of the project.
   (e)   Upon termination of the project, any unused balance of deposits paid by a private contractor shall be returned t® the depositor by City warrant.
(Ord. 93-62. Passed 10-3-94.)