No person shall bring into or have in his or her possession in any park, playground, playfield, swimming pool or other area under the jurisdiction of the Department of Public Service, Division of Parks and Recreation, any of the following:
   (a)   Any gun, slingshot, bow or other weapon in which the propelling force is gunpowder, spring action or air;
   (b)   Any fireworks, other than as authorized by a permit issued by the Fire Chief and the Superintendent of Parks and Recreation;
   (c)   Any alcoholic beverages, other than by a permit issued by the Superintendent;
   (d)   Any trapping device; or
   (e)   Aerosol paint cans.
(Ord. 87-24. Passed 5-18-87; Ord. 10-08-A.  Passed 5-17-10.)