(a)   Sewer charges shall be assessed monthly. Payment shall be made within ten days following the receipt of the statement of charges. Sewer charges shall be billed on a joint statement with water charges and shall be payable at the Department of Public Service, Water Office.
   (b)   If the bill for sewer service remains unpaid for a thirty-day period, the arrearage will be added to the next monthly billing.  Notice shall be given with this bill that if both bills are left unpaid at the Water Office after the due date (two bills that are past due constitute a double bill), a delinquent charge shall be applied to the bill and water furnished by the Division shall be scheduled for shut-off without further notice.  If water service is scheduled for termination, a service fee and deposit shall be assessed to the account if not paid by the termination date.
   (c)   If water service is terminated due to delinquent payment of charges, service shall not be restored until all water, sewer, delinquent and service charges and deposit are paid in full.
   (d)   Each charge levied by or pursuant to this chapter shall be made a lien upon the corresponding lot, land or premises served by a connection to the sanitary sewage system. If the charge is not paid, it shall be certified to the Auditor of Licking County, Ohio, who shall place that amount on the tax duplicates of the County, with interest and penalties allowed by law, and collect it as other taxes are collected.
   (e)   The funds received from the collection of sewer service charges as defined in Section 1040.29 shall be deposited in the Sewer Rental Fund.
(Ord. 91-59.  Passed 10-21-91; Ord. 07-13.  Passed 3-5-07; Ord. 12-44.  Passed 12-17-12.)