(a)   A11 information and data contained in a person's reports, questionnaires, applications, monitoring programs and inspections shall be available to the general public or to any governmental agency, without restriction, unless the person specifically requests and demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the Director of Public Service, that the release of such information would divulge information, processes or methods which would be detrimental to his or her competitive position. Wastewater constituents and characteristics shall not be considered confidential information.
   (b)   Any information accepted by the Director as confidential shall not be transmitted to the general public or to any governmental agency without prior and adequate notification and permission of the person, but shall. be made available, upon written request, to governmental agencies for uses related to this chapter, the NPDES permit, the State disposal system permit and/or the pretreatment program. However, the confidential portions of a report shall be available for use by the State agency for judicial review or enforcement proceedings involving the person who submitted the report.
(Ord. 91-59. Passed 10-21-91.)