(a)   Every person who discharges or proposes to discharge other than normal sewage, either directly or indirectly, into the sewerage works, shall comply with this chapter and shall complete and file an industrial waste questionnaire within the time specified by the Director of Public Service upon the ratification and incorporation of this chapter. The questionnaire, provided by the Director, shall request the following information:
      (1)   The name, address and mailing address of the facility and its SIC number;
      (2)   Wastewater constituents, characteristics and concentrations, as determined by bonafide chemical and biological analyses acceptable to the Director;
      (3)   The time and duration of discharges;
      (4)   The average daily wastewater flow rate, including the method of determination;
      (5)   Facility site plans and floor plans, detailing all sewer connections by size, control manholes or sampling access locations and pretreatment equipment;
      (6)   A description of facilities, manufacturing processes or service activities on the premises;
      (7)   The nature and concentration of any discharge pollutant or substance prohibited or limited by this chapter;
      (8)   A statement detailing whether or not pretreatment or additional operation and maintenance procedures are required to comply with the provisions and limitations of this chapter. If such procedures are required to achieve compliance, a schedule for completion of pretreatment equipment or additional operation and maintenance procedures shall. be submitted to the Director of Public Service. The schedule shall contain milestone dates for the commencement and completion of major events leading to the construction and operation of additional pretreatment facilities required for the person to comply with the requirements of this chapter, including, but not limited to, dates relating to hiring an engineer, completing preliminary plans, executing contracts for major components, commencing construction, completing construction and all other acts necessary to achieve compliance with this chapter. The Director shall not allow a time increment for any single step directed toward such compliance to exceed nine months. Ay violation of this compliance schedule shall be considered a violation of this chapter.
   The person shall submit a progress report to the Director not later than fourteen days after each scheduled milestone date and the final compliance date. This report shall include, at a minimum, a statement detailing whether or not the person has complied with the increment of progress represented by the milestone date and, if not, the date on which he or she expects to comply with this increment of progress, the reason for delay and the steps being taken to return to the approved schedule. The Director shall not permit the time increment between progress reports to exceed nine months.
      (9)   Products manufactured or services rendered by type, amount, process and rate of production; and
      (10)   The type and amount of raw materials used.
   (b)   The completed questionnaire shall be signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the facility and sent to the Director. If the Director's evaluation requires additional information, he or she shall request the necessary information from the person and shall notify the person in writing when the questionnaire is acceptable.
(Ord. 91-59. Passed 10-21-91. )