(a)   Every owner or occupant of any building, house, place of business or residence shall place or permanently fix on his building, house, place of business or residence the proper number assigned by the City Engineer. Because house numbers are vital to the public safety, the Newark Fire Department is hereby empowered to enforce this chapter as a portion of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Newark.
   (b)   The property owner of record as listed by the Licking County Auditor of any building in the City upon a street to which street numbers of buildings have been assigned shall cause the proper Arabic numbers to be placed on and continuously maintained on the fanlight, transom, door, entrance, steps, or gate or conspicuous place on the front of such building in such a manner that the number may at all times be legible and visible from the street pavement in front of such building. If a building stands back more than 45 feet from the lot line, the number shall be conspicuously displayed at or near the walk, driveway, or common entrance to such building at the street line or a gate post, fence, tree, or post, or other appropriate place so as to be legible and visible from the street pavement. As used in this section, "front" means the side of the building that faces the street on which the number of the building or premises on which such building is situated has been allotted and that number shall be displayed on such side of such building or premise.
   (c)   No person without just cause shall remove, alter, or deface any house number properly assigned and placed on or near a building, nor shall any person without just cause place or retain on any building any number other than the one duly assigned if such additional numbers could reasonably be mistaken for the assigned street number.
   (d)   No person shall negligently fail to install or maintain the proper numbers as required by this chapter.
   (e)   The numbers shall be Arabic, shall not be less than four inches in height and the color of the numbers shall contrast with the color of the surface on which they are mounted, applied, or appear and shall be visible and legible from the street.
   (f)   The owner, agent, lessee, occupant, or other person having control of such building may post additional sets of address numbers provided that one set complies with the provisions of this chapter.
(Ord. 74-40. Passed 6-3-74;  Ord. 05-8. Passed 2-22-05.)