(a)   No person shall do any work in any public place without first obtaining a permit to do so from the Director of Public Service, except as otherwise provided in this chapter. No permit to do work in a public place shall be issued except as provided in this chapter.
   (b)   The Director of Public Service may issue a permit where the proposed work involves the installation of a privately owned communication cable attached to, or routed through, a utility pole, conduit or trench system owned by a public utility regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Ohio (P . U . C . O .) where the cable shall traverse any public place. The Director shall not issue a permit unless the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Director that the cable shall be installed in compliance with prevailing industry practices with regard to the safe and proper installation of communication cables, shall comply with the regulations of the P. U. C. O. promulgated pursuant to the Pole Attachment Act of 1978, 47 USC 224, and shall be installed and maintained by a public utility regulated by the P . U . C .O. Prior to the effective date of any subsequent maintenance agreement, a permittee under this chapter shall notify the Director, in writing, whenever responsibility for the maintenance f a privately owned communication cable is changed. The written notice shall include the location of the cable, the name of the public utility responsible for the maintenance of the cable and the effective date and termination date of the maintenance agreement.
   (c)   The Director may issue an annual blanket permit for the purpose of working in a public place to the following persons:
      (1)   A public utility regulated by the P. U. C.O. , except for construction work described in subsection (b) hereof which shall require a permit for the installation of each privately owned communication cable installed by the public utility; and
      (2)   A person holding a franchise from the City.
(Ord. 85-71. Passed 12-16-85.)