Any person desiring to conduct a sale regulated by Section 832.02 shall make a written application to the Mayor setting forth the following information:
   (a)   The true name and address of the owner of the goods to be the object of the sale;
   (b)   The true name and address of the person from whom he purchased the goods to be sold, the price therefor and, if not purchased, the manner of such acquisition;
   (c)   A description of the place where such sale is to be held;
   (d)   The nature of the occupancy, whether by lease or sublease, and the effective date of termination of such occupancy;
   (e)   The period of time in which the sale is to be conducted;
   (f)   A full and complete statement of the facts in regard to the sale, including the reason for the urgent and expeditious disposal of goods thereby and the manner in which the sale will be conducted;
   (g)   The means to be employed in advertising such sale, together with a general outline of the proposed contents of such advertisement; and
   (h)   A complete and detailed inventory of the goods to be sold at such sale as disclosed by the applicant's records, such inventory to be attached to and become part of the required application.
      (1)    All goods included in such inventory shall have been purchased by the applicant for resale on bona fide orders without cancellation privileges and shall not comprise goods purchased on consignment.
      (2)    Such inventory shall not include goods ordered in contemplation of conducting a sale regulated hereunder. Any unusual purchase or any additions made to the inventory within 180 days before the filing of an application hereunder shall be deemed to be of such character.
(Ord. 72-13. Passed 3-20-72. )