The Human Relations Commission shall:
   (a)   Promote mutual understanding and respect among all ethnic, religious and nationality groups and work to discourage and prevent discriminatory practices against any such groups;
   (b)   Disseminate information and educational materials and reports which will assist in the elimination of prejudice, intolerance, ethnic intergroup tensions and discrimination, or which will promote good will and programs of community education and information with the object of achieving better overall human-citizen relations;
   (c)   Assist various groups and agencies of the community to cooperate in educational campaigns devoted to the elimination of group prejudices, racial or area tensions, intolerance or discrimination;
   (d)   Cooperate with City, State, Federal and other agencies in order to promote better human relations; specifically the OCRC, US CRC and the Ohio EEO;
   (e)   Recommend such legislation as may be deemed appropriate and necessary to promote harmony in the field of human relationships;
   (f)   Prepare and submit an annual report of its activities to Council and make such other reports and recommendations to Council from time to time as it determines to be necessary for the furtherance of improved human relations in the City;
   (g)   Adopt such rules and regulations of self-government as may be necessary to carry out the purpose and provisions of this chapter; and
   (h)   Receive and investigate complaints and initiate its own investigations on discrimination based on race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, physical disabilities, mental disabilities or socio-economic status.
(Ord. 07-21.  Passed 5-21-07; Ord. 16-18-A.  Passed 7-5-16.)