(a)   The Animal Control Officer is authorized to impound animals when permitted by any provision of this section or when so authorized by any provision of the Ohio Revised Code.
   (b)   Facilities for Dog Care and Disposal. The City shall provide the Animal Control Officer with nets and other suitable devices for the taking of dogs in a humane manner and shall provide a suitable place for impounding dogs, including proper provisions for feeding and caring for the same, and humane devices for destroying unredeemed dogs.
   (c)   Affidavit for Impounding. Whenever any person files an affidavit in the Licking County Municipal Court that there is a dog more than three months of age running at large or not kept constantly confined in a registered dog kennel, not wearing a valid registration tag or kept or harbored without being registered, such Court may forthwith order the Animal Control Officer to seize and impound such animal. Such animal shall be impounded at the Licking County Animal Shelter.  The Animal Control Officer is not required to obtain a court order to impound an animal under this section if he or she is otherwise authorized by any provision of this chapter or State law to impound said animal.
   (d)   Fees. The City shall assess the fee of twenty dollars ($20.00) for seizing and delivering a dog to the Animal Shelter. Such costs shall be made against the owner, keeper, or harborer or a dog seized and impounded under this chapter.
   (e)   Companion Animal. Except as provided in Section 618.052, upon the impounding of a companion animal pursuant to this Chapter, the Animal Control Officer shall follow the procedural impounding time limitations as prescribed at Ohio R.C. 955.16.
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