Parking ticket forms which are used for the enforcement of this Traffic Code shall contain the following items of information pertaining to each alleged violation:
   (a)   The license plate number of the vehicle;
   (b)   The vehicle type, make or model;
   (c)   A description of the parking infraction;
   (d)   The section number of the Codified Ordinances alleged to be violated;
   (e)   The fine applicable;
   (f)   The date of the violation;
   (g)   The time of the violation;
   (h)   The location of the violation;
   (i)   The officer's number; and
   (j)   An explanation by the Municipal Clerk of Courts which reasonably informs the offender of the procedure for paying or challenging the ticket.
(Ord. 92-76. Passed 12-21-92.)