(a)   A Parking Violations Bureau is hereby established pursuant to Ohio R.C. 4521.04. The Bureau shall be a division within the office of the Clerk of the County Municipal Court. The Bureau has jurisdiction over each parking infraction that occurs within the City. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, each parking infraction that occurs within the jurisdiction of the Bureau and the enforcement of such parking infraction shall be handled pursuant to and governed by this chapter.
   (b)   The operating costs of the Parking Violations Bureau shall be paid by the City. The Clerk of the County Municipal Court shall appoint a Violations Clerk, hearing examiners and the necessary clerical employees. No person shall be employed as a hearing examiner unless such person is an attorney admitted to the practice of law in the State or formerly was employed as a law enforcement officer. Parking Enforcement Attendants report to the Office of Safety Director.
   (c)   The fines, penalties, fees and costs established for a parking infraction shall be collected, retained and disbursed by the Violations Clerk if the parking infraction out of which the fines, penalties, fees and costs arose occurred within the jurisdiction of the Parking Violations Bureau. The Clerk shall issue tickets for parking infractions to law enforcement officers for the City and shall prescribe conditions for issuance and accountability thereof.
   (d)   The Law Director may contract with any nongovernmental entity to provide services in processing, collecting and enforcing parking tickets issued by law enforcement officers under, and civil judgments and default civil judgments entered pursuant to, this chapter. No contract shall affect the responsibilities of hearing examiners or the ultimate responsibility of the Violations Clerk to collect, retain and disburse fines, penalties, fees and costs for parking infractions and moneys paid in satisfaction of judgments and default judgments entered pursuant to this chapter.
(Ord. 84-33. Passed 6-4-84; Ord. 05-24. Passed 5-16-05.)