(a)   The commission of a parking infraction shall not be considered a criminal offense for any purpose.
   (b)   A vehicle involved in three or more parking infractions in which judgments or default judgments have been filed with the Clerk of the Municipal Court pursuant to Section 407.07(c) is subject to impoundment or immobilization by law enforcement officers of the City or their agent. Impoundment or immobilization, pursuant to this section, is permitted without regard to whether or not the vehicle, at the time of impoundment or immobilization, is legally parked. The owner of a vehicle impounded pursuant to this chapter shall be liable for impoundment fees and storage charges as provided in Section 404.07.
   (c)   A vehicle so impounded or immobilized shall be released to the owner upon the owner's presenting a valid certificate of title to the vehicle to the Violations Clerk of the Parking Violations Bureau and upon the owner's either paying the fines, penalties, fees and costs due on the judgments or default judgments that led to the impoundment or immobilization or posting a bond equal to or exceeding the amount of such fines, penalties, fees and costs. In no case, however, shall the owner of a vehicle impounded or immobilized pursuant to this chapter be required to post a bond in excess of one thousand dollars ($1,000) to obtain release of the vehicle.
   (d)   Notwithstanding divisions (b) and (c) of this section, a vehicle parked, stopped or standing on a public street or highway in commission of a parking infraction is subject to impoundment if the law enforcement officer issuing the parking infraction determines that the vehicle is substantially impeding or hindering the movement of other traffic.
   (e)   The impoundment or immobilization of a motor vehicle pursuant to this chapter shall occur only after the expiration of the ten-day period authorized by Section 407.07(c) for the payment of a civil judgment or default civil judgment.
(Ord. 84-33. Passed 6-4-84.)