"Explosives" means any chemical compound or mechanical mixture that is intended for the purpose of producing an explosion that contains any oxidizing and combustible units or other ingredients in such proportions, quantities, or packing that an ignition by fire, by friction, by concussion, by percussion, or by a detonator of any part of the compound or mixture may cause a sudden generation of highly heated gases, such that the resultant gaseous pressures are capable of producing destructive effects on contiguous objects, or of destroying life or limb.  Manufactured articles shall not be held to be explosives when the individual units contain explosives in limited quantities of such nature or in such packing that it is impossible to procure a simultaneous or a destructive explosion of the units, to the injury of life, limb, or property by fire, friction, concussion, percussion, or by a detonator, such as fixed ammunition for small arms, firecrackers, or safety fuse matches.
(ORC 4511.01(T))  (1969 Code Sec. 70.01)