(a)   The Citizens' Advisory Council on Recreation shall consist of thirteen members. The membership shall be comprised of one member from each ward of the City, three at-large members, one City representative, one representative selected by the Board of Education of the Newark City School District, and one representative selected by the Board of Education of the Newark Catholic School System. All members shall be appointed by the Mayor. With respect to school board representatives, the school boards will appoint their respective representatives, whose appointments shall be confirmed by the Mayor.
(Ord. 97-38. Passed 6-2-97.)
   (b)   The initial term for the members representing the first ward, the second ward, the third ward, the two school boards and for the at-large member shall be two years. The initial term for the members representing the fourth ward, the fifth ward, the sixth ward, the seventh ward and for the City representative shall be one year. After each initial term has been completed, each subsequent term shall be for two years.
   (c)   All members of the Advisory Council shall serve without compensation.
   (d)   Each member shall be entitled to three consecutive unexcused absences after which an additional unexcused absence shall constitute a complete forfeiture of the member's position on the Advisory Council. In order for any absence to be excused, a member of the Advisory Council, other than the absent member, must move that the absence be excused and shall present reasons therefor. The absence will be excused only if approved by a majority vote of a quorum of members present at the meeting when the absence occurs. Failure of the Advisory Council to take action on a member's absence at the very meeting when such absence occurs shall cause such absence to be considered as unexcused for all purposes after the adjournment of such meeting. For the purposes of this subsection, a meeting shall occur whether the Advisory Council is meeting by itself or in conjunction with a meeting of the Parks and Recreation Committee of Council.
   (e)   Vacancies occurring within any position shall be filled by the Mayor for the unexpired term only. Thereafter, the Mayor shall resume appointments for new full terms.
(Ord. 81-7. Passed 1-20-81.)