(a)   For the purposes of this section, "utility payments" shall include, but are not limited to, charges, fees or other costs assessed for water or sewer service provided by the City, stormwater utility facilitated by the City or any other charges, fees or costs assessed for services provided by the City Division of Water and Wastewater.
   (b)   All utility payments authorized to be collected by the Newark Codified Ordinances or Ohio Law shall be collectible by the City or its authorized agent, together with any interest, penalties, and reasonable administrative costs.
   (c)   Reasonable administrative costs associated with utility payment shall include, but is not limited to, fees no less than an additional twenty-five percent and no more than an additional fifty percent of the total delinquent amount, including any charge, fee or other amounts, penalty and interest authorized by the Newark Codified Ordinances or Ohio Law.
(Ord. 08-21.  Passed 7-21-08.)