12.02.   Police and Fire Selection, Promotion and Residency.
   (A)   Preference shall be given to those entry level candidates who are either honorably discharged from the military or who hold a current State of Ohio Peace Officer or Firefighter Certificate, or both, whose names are on the eligible list for a position, over all persons eligible for such appointments, with a rating equal to that of each such person. Such preference points shall be established by the Civil Divisions Service Commission.
   (B)   Promotion from the lowest to next lowest ranks in the Police and Fire Divisions shall require at least two years of service in the Division, after satisfactory completion of the prescribed probationary period.
   (C)   Outside recruiting, within the State of Ohio, for the positions of Chief of Police and Fire Chief shall be permitted, and such candidates shall be subject to the same requirements as local applicants.
   (D)   All uniformed safety officers shall reside in Licking County or any county contiguous to Licking County. Such officers shall establish residency within Licking  County or a contiguous county within six months after completion of the prescribed probationary period. Existing safety officers as of the effective date of this Charter who do not reside within Licking County or a contiguous county shall be exempt from the residency requirement.