11.05.   Charter Review Commission.
   (A)   Not later than the last day in March, 2002, and every five (5) years thereafter, Council shall appoint, by vote of at least six (6) members, a Charter Review Commission consisting of five (5) electors of the City, no more than three (3) of whom may be of the same political affiliation.  Council may appoint, at any time, a Charter Review Study Group to consider issues of importance to the governance of the City during the period between the appointment of any mandatory Charter Review Commission. The term and number of members of such a study group shall be determined by Council as deemed most appropriate at the time of the appointment. The Charter Review Study Group shall have no authority to recommend alterations, revisions, or amendments to the Council or to submit any such alterations, revisions, or amendments to the electors for consideration.
   (B)   In addition to the appointment of the mandatory Charter Review Commission as set forth above, Council may at any time appoint, by a three-fourths (3/4ths) majority vote, a discretionary Charter Review Commission consisting of five (5) electors of the City. At no time, however, shall there be in place more than one (1) Charter Review Commission. Any discretionary Charter Commission appointed by Council shall submit a final report and shall be dissolved prior to the date upon which a mandatory Charter Review Commission is appointed as set forth herein. No discretionary Charter Review Commission may be appointed until such time as any existing mandatory Charter Review Commission is dissolved and the members released from their respective appointment.
   (C)   Any Charter Review Commission, whether mandatory or discretionary, appointed by Council shall review the Charter of the City and, within the time designated by Council at the time the members are appointed, or within any extension thereof granted by Council, recommend to Council such alterations, revisions, and amendments, if any, to this Charter, as in its judgment are desirable. Council shall not extend the term of any discretionary Charter Review Commission or any individual member thereof except by a three-fourths (3/4ths) majority vote.  After consideration of the recommendations of the Charter Review Commission, Council shall submit all such proposed alterations, revisions, or amendments to this Charter to the electors of the City in the manner provided by the constitution of the State of Ohio. The terms of the members of the commission shall terminate at the end of the period designated at the time of their appointment, or any extension thereof, by Council as set forth above.  (November 6, 2007)