11.04.   Citizens' Advisory Council on Recreation.
   There is hereby created and established a Citizens' Advisory Council on Recreation consisting of thirteen members to be appointed by the Mayor to serve for terms of four (4) years each provided that the members currently serving at the time this amendment becomes effective shall continue in office exercising the powers, duties, and functions provided for the Council under this Charter until their respective terms shall expire. There shall be one member from each ward, three at-large members, one City representative, and two members recommended by the Boards of Education of the Newark City School District and the Newark Catholic School System, respectively, and confirmed by the Mayor. The Citizens' Advisory Council on Recreation shall have those powers, duties and functions as provided by ordinance or resolution.  However, no one citizen member of the Advisory Council shall be permitted for any reason to serve more than five (5), four (4) year terms on the Council after the date of this amendment.  (November 6, 2012)