10.01.   Contracting Officer.
   (A)   The Service Director shall be the contracting officer for the City, and all such contracts shall be awarded by the Board of Control. The Service Director shall sign all contracts on behalf of the City. All contracts shall be in written form.
   (B)   Bids for contracts with the City shall be opened at twelve noon on the last day for filing them in the presence of the Service Director and Auditor or their designated representatives. A record of the proceedings of each bid opening shall be maintained by the City Auditor or his or her representative, and a copy of all bids received and opened shall be attached to the proceedings.
   (C)   The Mayor may designate any other administrative officer or employee of the City as purchasing agent, and authorize such purchasing agent to make all contracts on behalf of the City, where advertising and bidding are not required. The Mayor may adopt such rules and regulations as he or she deems necessary concerning the purchasing and contracting policies and procedures of the City.